Our services


Synergy is an efficient and contemporary full-service photo production agency based in Berlin. We focus on fashion advertising, social media content, and editorial. Regardless of your desired location, we are here to support you.

Our extensive network of hand-picked professionals enables us to deliver productions of the highest quality within a short timeframe, even in times of global uncertainty. 

With over 30 years experience we are specialised in customising the production to our client’s needs.

Production and Photo Content 

■ Art Direction

■ Casting

■ Location Scouting 

■ Set Design

■ Graphic Design

■ Talent Scouting

■ Content Execution

■ Post Production

Creative Consulting

■ Art Direction / Creative Direction

■ Fashion Consulting

■ Tailored Content Strategies

■ Strong network of creatives

■ Fitting and Collection Management

■ Trend Identification

Fashion Shows and Presentations

■ Casting

■ Set Design

■ Schedule & Budget Management 

■ Movement Direction, Choreography and Show Calling

■ Backstage Management

■ Showrooms